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Posted by Katie Posted on Jul - 22 - 2012

A beautiful young girl passed the threshold of womanhood this year at this sparkling turquoise Quincinera.  Her name is Samantha, and I had the privilege of making her this cupcake creation.  Her mother, a dear friend of ours through church, secured me well in advance of the date, and she was kind enough to give  [ Read More ]

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White Elegance

Posted by Katie Posted on Dec - 10 - 2011

My sweet friend Michelle was about to be married with a small reception to follow.  As you can see from the picture, I obviously accepted her request to do a cupcake creation for the occasion.   One of my first questions probed for the theme, giving her an example, “simple, white, elegant?”  She responded “perfect!” and  [ Read More ]

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Texas Wedding Shower

Posted by Katie Posted on Aug - 12 - 2011

A dream come true: cupcakes in honor of my sweet, beautiful baby sister and bride-to-be……and……(drum roll please)……TEXXXAAASSSSS!!  Yes.  I am a Texan; and although I’ve lived most of my adult life outside of Texas, my heart is forever stuck on my home state.  To date there has been no greater honor than to do a  [ Read More ]

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Memorial Day Wreath

Posted by Katie Posted on May - 30 - 2011

So my husband comes home two Friday’s ago and informs me that our company is having a cupcake contest the following week.  I file this little fact in the back of my head and proceed along with my busy life.  The following Tuesday my co-worker, Kelsey, who happens to be our multimedia person (therefore maker  [ Read More ]

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Eagle Scout Graduation

Posted by Katie Posted on May - 19 - 2011

A young man from church graduated as an Eagle Scout, and his mom asked if I would make a cupcake creation for the event.  When I asked how many people to prepare for, I remember her wincing in anticipation as she said “around 100″.  I smiled and said that shouldn’t be a problem.  A month  [ Read More ]

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Football Baby Shower

Posted by Katie Posted on May - 08 - 2011

This cupcake creation came into existence by request of a church friend and the words “baby shower”.  Seeing how much I love making these cupcake creations it’s already hard enough to say “no” to any requests, but when asked by church family and for the cause of a new life (a.k.a., cute baby and precious  [ Read More ]