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Be Mine, Cupcake

Posted by Katie Posted on Feb - 17 - 2012

Valentine’s Day:  a day of love…and if you work at my company, a day of CUPCAKES!  The story is simple.  Management wanted cupcakes and cookies for the employees on Valentine’s Day.  PING!  (Katie’s cupcake radar goes off).  I can do a *couple* of cupcake creations!  And, we can raffle them!  Need a last minute gift  [ Read More ]

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Freedom and Fireworks

Posted by Katie Posted on Jul - 09 - 2011

My favorite holiday: the Fourth of July!  There are so many things to love about this special day, but for some reason fireworks just seem to hit the spot.  Power, pop, light, and most of all: color!  Having decided I wanted to feature the Statue of Liberty in this cupcake creation I thought what better way to  [ Read More ]

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Memorial Day Wreath

Posted by Katie Posted on May - 30 - 2011

So my husband comes home two Friday’s ago and informs me that our company is having a cupcake contest the following week.  I file this little fact in the back of my head and proceed along with my busy life.  The following Tuesday my co-worker, Kelsey, who happens to be our multimedia person (therefore maker  [ Read More ]

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Christmas Tree

Posted by Katie Posted on Dec - 05 - 2010

For our church’s Women’s Christmas Event this year I made this Christmas Tree cupcake creation.  I think it’s the biggest one I’ve done so far at about 100 cupcakes and 40ish mini cupcakes as “ornaments”. Although many hours of work over the course of a week it was a true blessing to create, and I  [ Read More ]

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Happy Harvest

Posted by Katie Posted on Oct - 02 - 2010

My friend and neighbor, Elizabeth, has impeccable timing.  Just when I’m getting an idea and the excitement is brimming to pump out another cupcake creation she asks for one!  This creation was done for a Harvest Festival.  Just about every individual design was nothing original by me, except for the compilation of them all put  [ Read More ]

Land of the Free, Home of the Eagle

Posted by Katie Posted on Sep - 04 - 2010

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  In honor of America I made this cupcake creation for a block party we hosted at our house.  And to be honest, the thought of another opportunity to make a cupcake creation is what got me thinking about having a party . The flag design  [ Read More ]

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