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Princess Castle

Posted by Katie Posted on Sep - 06 - 2010

I made this princess castle cupcake creation for a little girl named Emma Grace who was turning 4 years old.  I used ice cream cones painted with corn syrup and rolled in pink sugar for the “spires”.  The balls on top of the spires are strawberry Whoppers.  They sat snuggly in cake ice cream cones rolled in purple sugar.  The flags were sticks of bubble gum, cut, set into a wavy shape, and then attached to pretzel sticks with icing.  The windows, sign, and door were graham crackers.  I used the corn syrup to set the colored sugar and then piped icing for the details.  The white “fencing” are pieces of gum.  The rest is just a lot of pink and purple candies…jelly beans mostly.

The cupcakes were designed to go around all 4 sides of the structure, which my husband made out of cardboard.  My measurements didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted them…too spaced out for my taste.  Oh well, at least the cupcakes turned out exactly as I envisioned them!

I made the princess by following exact instructions in Hello, Cupcake! Her base is an upside down cupcake.  The face is a Nilla wafer, the hair yellow chocolate, and the crown is a yellow Starburst.  The dress is about 10 red spice drops rolled out with a lot of pink decorating sugar.  Her feet are jelly beans.

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  1. Apphia says:

    Katie…you are amazing! This is so so cute!