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Mickey & Friends!

Posted by Katie Posted on Feb - 06 - 2011

I got a request to do a Mickey Mouse themed cupcake creation for a brother and sister birthday party.  The precious little girl, Aubrey, is turning 3 this month, and her younger brother Colin is turning 1.  In doing my research online I noticed a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse photos and decided to go with the theme.  It turns out Amazon sells a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cupcake stand – perfect!  It even came with themed cupcake liners.  For the base I covered cardboard circle cut-outs with black paper and “glued” yellow gum balls and red-hot jawbreakers with chocolate to the outer edge.  I think the colors are my favorite part of this creation – love ‘em bright!

This creation ended up taking longer than I expected, but thankfully I put plenty of time aside to complete it.  It was worth the long hours to see the fruits of my labor…that being primarily the amazement of the kids as they quietly devoured their cupcakes.  As I was setting up at the party Aubrey kept coming over to the exhibit and telling me which one she wanted.  Children are so precious, especially these little ones.  It is such an honor to make cupcake creations for this military family.  It is the least I can do to say THANK YOU for their service and sacrifice.  Chris, the dad and B-52 pilot, just got back from a 4-month deployment.  What a blessing that he could be there for his children’s birthdays!

Don’t you just love a 1-year old stuffing his face with blue icing?!  I love these moments!  And can you not get a cuter little 3-year old who smiles on cue for the camera?  Priceless!

So for the “presents” on these cupcakes I stuck a toothpick in little bite-size vanilla wafer cubes (you can buy them like that) and dipped them in colored chocolate.  Before the chocolate set I put the candy hearts on for bows along with a bit of polka-dot decor for some.  The candles are vanilla pirouettes that I coated in red chocolate, using a small paint brush to stroke the excess off, which created a melting wax candle look.  I stuck a banana Runt candy in the top and piped yellow frosting around it for the flame.  That idea came from Hello Cupcake, the book I get so many ideas from.  At the base of each candle I placed chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

The other “center piece” was the red car, inspired by a cupcake race car in What’s New Cupcake?….or at least I used some ideas from it when I decided I would make the car.  The wheels are chocolate donuts with one half of an Oreo for the “rim”, and the head lights and tail lights are M&Ms secured to graham crackers covered in icing.  The license plate is made from an Oreo.  I had to also elevate the red cupcakes attached to the donuts with an Oreo on the bottom of each.  The front windshield was just chocolate I piped onto wax paper. 

The characters are cake balls, and as expected, were quite challenging to make.  I left them till the end and was just praying I could get them at least presentable or “recognizable”.  For Mickey and Minnie I followed Bakerella’s directions, the lady who wrote the book Cake Pops.  It sure takes a lot of practice and technique to get them looking “neat and pretty”….mine were shoddy compared to Bakerella, but hey, at least they made an appearance!  I had to figure out Donald Duck and Daisy on my own, so they didn’t look as decent as Mickey and Minnie, but at 2:30am you frankly don’t care anymore…they were “good enough” :) .

For the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” cupakes I used regular and mini Oreos as well as stars made out of melting chocolate and molds.  Pretty simple! 

Each base board ear was tributed to the birthday boy and girl.  The big Mickey and Minnie silouettes consisted of a chocolate donut on top of the cupcake, covered with chocolate icing and then Oreo crumbs.  The ears are of course Oreos.  The green “bushes” were originally meant to be trees…I had pretzel rods stuck down the middle of the rice krispie treat balls covered in chocolate.  The pretzel rod made for a nice trunk, but the height was too much for the jumbo cupcake.  I cut down the trunk and flushed the sphere with the cupcake top.  The signs with their names were graham crackers, which are becoming one of my favorite materials for these cupcake creations.  I can do so much with them!

And there you have it!

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