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Baby Blankey

Posted by Katie Posted on Apr - 08 - 2012

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll recall my trip out to Colorado Springs where I secretly stuck around after the Thanksgiving holiday to surprise my dear friend, Holly, with a cupcake creation for her 30th birthday.  Well, that same week we all found out our mutual friend, Becky, was pregnant with her first child!  I happened to be in Becky’s kitchen all week working on Holly’s cupcakes, so I kept dropping hints that I would love to come back out for her baby shower….kinda my way of begging with dignity ;) .

A few months later I got a text from Holly with the date of the shower.  I took a total of about 5 seconds to check my calendar:  I’M IN!  Next question:  what’s the theme?  Pink and gray, I’m told.  Sometimes it’s a bit more challenging to figure out the design with just colors, but eventually the idea of a baby blanket came to mind.  Top with a few other baby shower gifts, such as a stuffed lamb and baby bible, and I’m feeling it.  New and different for my collection of creations, and yet simple enough to accomplish away from home.  Yes.  I’m totally digging it.

The basic concept was graham crackers posing as quilt squares.  My original thought was to frost the graham crackers and cover in sugar.  But then I discovered candy clay: my new best friend.  I got a chance to work with it for the first time on the Mickey Mouse creation just before heading back out to Colorado.  It’s so easy and fun to play with, like chocolate playdough – or “yummy playdough” as Holly’s 2-year old son dubbed it.  I wanted to ensure he knew the difference and didn’t decide to eat the regular playdough, but as much as I emphasized it was chocolate playdough, he was quite certain it was yummy playdough :) .  So the game changed, and I started wrapping candy clay over the graham cracker squares.  The nicest part about my new best friend is that you can make it up to 4 days ahead of time and just seal at room temperature.  All it is, by the way, is 1 bag of Wilton melting chocolate (melted down), plus 1/3 cup of light corn syrup.

I’d been brainstorming what I could do as a design, to spice up the quilt a bit, but I didn’t want to over-do it with too many images (like flowers).  As I prayed about it the morning of assembly and did a mental inventory of the kitchen, the idea of using a cooling rack to imprint a cross-hatch pattern came to mind.  And wouldn’t you know, Michael’s has not only white pearl sprinkles but also baby pink pearl sprinkles.  So, I did pink-on-pink and white-on-gray at each intersection of the pattern.  Prior to laying down the sprinkles I brushed the squares with edible luster dust (pink-on-pink and silver-on-gray).  Holly helped out, while her kids made “cookies” with the extra candy clay.  So fun!

Each square sat atop a frosted cupcake, and a white chocolate Wilton wafer was glued with frosting at each intersection for a “button,” meant to pull it all together.  I piped a cross-hatch on each wafer to make it look like thread securing each button to the blanket.  The outer rim of the blanket was simply mini marshmallows cut on the diagonal and brushed with some luster dust.  My friend, Beth, did all those for me.  Thank goodness, too – otherwise I may not have gone to sleep that night.

The lamb and bible were made out of Rice Krispie treats.  I used the extra white and pink candy clay for the hooves, face, and ears, black candy color to draw the face, and then I cut up a bunch of mini marshmallows and secured them with frosting for the coat.  The bible was covered in candy clay.  Pipe “Baby Kenney,” wrap with a baby pink boa, and I’d say you’ve got a soft and cuddly (and edible!) baby blankey.

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