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Goodnight Moon, Take Two

Posted by Katie Posted on May - 03 - 2012

My first cupcake creation for a baby shower was a moon and stars theme that I just happened to title Goodnight Moon Baby Shower.  If you’re looking for a Goodnight Moon theme for a baby shower on Google I guess those four words bring up my work on the first page of results. 

Now get this:  turns out the mother-in-law (Tina) of the gal who succeeded me in my HR job in Boston in 2009 when I transfered to Houston found my Goodnight Moon cupcake image when searching online to plan for her daughter’s baby shower.  And guess where she lives?…..wait for it…..yes:  in the same blessed desert in California that I live in!  Seriously?!  Small world, I tell you, small, small world.  Well, actually, in my book, it’s called a divine appointment.   Here’s the best part for me:  my first Goodnight Moon creation was the only one out of all my creations that I wasn’t happy with.  It was time to redeem myself! 

Tina sent me some pictures of the theme.  When I did some googling for inspiration I found several pictures like this one and started designing off of it:

Being that it was all about the moon, I decided to make a “window” with the moon and stars in view.  I noticed balls of yarn were to be used, so I took red yarn and wrapped it around the frame of the window, which was made out of a couple layers of cardboard.  If you don’t have the right size cardboard boxes lying around, you can pick up a tri-fold science fair board from a craft store, which is what I did.  I found some baby blanket fabric at JoAnn’s and couldn’t resist using it for the curtain to make it feel more baby-like.  Who can resist the plush, ever-so-soft baby blankey??  And then I just twisted some red yarn to “tie back” the curtain.  To give the curtain a little more “oomph” I stuck some paper towels underneath: cheap and easy.  Since the extra fabric wrapped underneath the base board lifted it up an inch or two, I just used a few Wall Street Journals to balance out the other side.  To hide the imperfections around the border I laid down two white boas from Michael’s, which I think also soften up the look and give it a more gentle, airy, baby feel. 

So, on to the cupcakes.

For a cleaner look I did my Rice-Krispie-Treat-cut-out-wrapped-in-candy-clay thing  for the moon.  Much better than Goodnight Moon #1 I should say.  I used Twizzler’s Pull N Peel for some decor on the hat, which I thought matched well and looked strikingly similar to the red yarn.  Score ;) .  I decided to do a yarn-like pom-pom on the top of the night cap by cutting the Twizzler’s on the diagonal in small pieces.  Yay :) .

The rest of the night sky was made up of chocolate stars.  I just happened to have some star sprinkles in the exact colors needed for this theme and decided to throw them in, too.  I liked seeing a variety of star sizes, to give a little dimension.

And there you have it:  a new and improved Goodnight Moon, ready for its debut at a special baby shower:

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  1. Sweet dreams, sweet memories. I love this!