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Posted by Katie Posted on Jul - 22 - 2012

A beautiful young girl passed the threshold of womanhood this year at this sparkling turquoise Quincinera.  Her name is Samantha, and I had the privilege of making her this cupcake creation.  Her mother, a dear friend of ours through church, secured me well in advance of the date, and she was kind enough to give me several samples of the decorations to match the colors.  They asked specifically to have the doll on top, which I thought went very well and clearly dubbed this creation for what it is.

My vision was to make this creation sparkle, like the precious gem Samantha is.  So for starters, I instantly thought of making a tiered base in a gem-cut fashion, which ended up being octagon.  I guess it’s the next best thing to a diamond for displaying a lot of cupcakes ;) .  My husband, being the engineer, specked out the dimensions and assembled the structure out of particle board.  Good thing because it would have taken me 10 times as long to figure it out.  I found sparkly blue paper at JoAnn’s and fitted it to foam board panels, which made up the sides.  To cover up all the edgy imperfections I used more paper and silver ribbon.  I also found some plastic diamonds at JoAnn’s that happened to include two different shades of blue which perfectly complemented the theme.  Knowing the cupcakes would hide most of the porous topside on each level I resorted to spray-painting in silver….or, should I say, my husband did.  Love that man.  He’s so good to me.  Did I mention he also cut each foam panel?  It almost looks like he did half the work, but I did say “almost.”  I’m so thankful he helped me, but I won when it came to hours invested :) .

On to the cupcakes…

I found two shades of blue rock candy at a vintage candy store.  To my great relief, they were stored in giant clear jars, which meant I could get as many as I needed.  That part is noteworthy, since I was wondering where in the world I would find the right color of rock candy and enough of it – not something you see everyday amongst candy selections.  The rock candy sat atop white chocolate ovals molded off of plastic spoons and painted with edible pearl luster dust.  Throw on some non-pareils, edge the cupcakes in sugar sprinkles, and you’ve got about 100 cupcakes.  Well, it amounted to that after my hands repeated the pattern for a while.  Nothing too fancy about the technique, but when all is said and done, there’s something to be said for how a simple pattern repeating itself can yield a beautiful masterpiece.  I learned that from fractals (a.k.a., the repeating pattern you see in nature, such as branches on a tree, or certain flowers, like mums).  Divine order in creation = inspiration!

I was so grateful when I stood back at the final display and saw how PERFECTLY it matched the lavish decorations of the event hall.  What I could not see, God placed in my heart as a vision.  To see how it fit like a glove into the overall scenery was marvelous – it looked even more beautiful when placed in its rightful setting.  Perhaps an analogy to life and a lesson for us all, a la the Creator Himself.

To top it all off my husband and I got to attend our first ever Quincinera, and boy was it a blast!  My heart was blessed by the beauty of the culture…eating good Mexican food and watching all the dancing.  The warmth of it all made me feel so at home, like we had been a part of the family for generations.  It’s amazing where cupcakes can lead you.

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