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Gator Baby Shower

Posted by Katie Posted on Jul - 25 - 2012

The hi-light of 2012 is by far the addition of my first nephew (and first grandchild!) to the family.  As I write this post we eagerly await little Johnny’s arrival.  I’m convinced he will be THE cutest AND funniest child that ever lived….and I have proof:  his mother, my sister, holds the international awards for Cutest Baby Ever and Funniest Person on the Face of the Earth. Therefore, her offspring will undoubtedly inherit the proverbial torch.  My logic is sound.  There is no denying it.

Now that we’ve got that settled, I will share the tale of my most favorite baby shower creation (I’m practicing my story-telling skills, which as I’m sure you can already tell needs work).  Once upon a time there was a mommy by the name of Jodi-the-Jokester (a.k.a., Jodester, Seestar, and Katie’s baby sister) who had the best taste ever.  She chose navy blue and lime green for her first son’s nursery!  The Cupcake Queen of the village was thrilled.  She traveled from a far away land to the great state of Texas and began her quest for the perfect materials to assemble the cutest cupcake creation she could conjure up for the cutest baby in all the land.  She started with the invitation insert to get some ideas:

Aunt Natalie was the genius behind the invitations, capturing the essence of the theme.  Oh wait, I just fell out of my storytelling language.  On purpose.  It’s a lot of work for a literal person, and I’m too excited to translate all the details!  So, off I went round about town picking up my supplies.  If you look closely, the navy blue background is corduroy, and the light blue “water” is a soft baby blankey.  What is more “little boy” than corduroy, I say?? — Katie. Was. Stoked.  My sister had framed a wooden “J” made out of buttons for the nursery, so I hot-glued a bunch of buttons to pose as pebbles on the water’s edge.  I had to add those adorable stripes from the invitation, so I bought some lime green and silk navy blue ribbon.  My sister and I had a fun time picking out the wooden letters for “J is for Johnny”…..her precious preggo brain zoned out for a minute as she sat on the floor of Michael’s misspelling his name.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, but it was because she was SO darn cute.  There’s just something about your little sister in a vulnerable state that screams “cuteness!!”  Oh how I love her so stinkin’ much!  I guess you just had to be there :) .

Anyway, let’s meet Mr. Alligator…

So, nothing new about this guy – if you want to learn how to make him, just open up the book, Hello Cupcake, and look for “Old Swampy.”  All I did was change the color of green frosting to match the lime green and added a pacifier (Oreo + Junior Mint dipped in baby blue chocolate).  The scales are cut from Oreos, the claws are banana Runts, the eyes/teeth are marshmallows, and the nostrils are Jelly Bellies.

The water lilies were also a straight-up follow-the-directions from the same wonderful authors in their other book, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh My! White chocolate molded on plastic spoons and secured with a dime-size drop of chocolate to create the flower.  Once on the cupcake, I just piped the center portion with a star tip and sprinkled a dash of tiny white non-pareils.  They sat atop green icing, which served as lily pads.

With Mr. Alligator ready to go, we had a fabulous time at the shower, and my little Johnny got his first taste (literally) of Auntie Katie spoiling him to the hilt!

I love my Seestar!!

…aaaaaaand, here he is!  My precious nephew, Johnny!


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  1. Seestar says:

    YAY!!!!! Johnny has the best Aunt Di Di in all the land!! I had so much fun with you Deestar while you were here, I’ll be seeing you soon. Johnny is due any day now!