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Butterfly Tea Party

Posted by Katie Posted on Sep - 08 - 2012

This little tea party is decked out and ready for the guest of honor:  baby Chloe.  A friend from church asked me to do a cupcake creation for her sister’s baby shower.  The theme of the nursery was butterflies, and in some pictures sent to me of the nursery I also noticed a little tea set on the dresser.  What better captures a little girl than a tea party?  Add in a bunch of butterflies, here, there and everywhere, and it’s a welcome party for a beautiful baby girl.

The butterflies were made of chocolate piped onto parchment paper; I had an outline of the wings drawn on a paper underneath.  After piping two colors, I took a toothpick and drew lines inward, sprinkled non-pareils on top, and let it all set until hardened.  I then took matching colors of edible luster dust and painted over each color.  I used gold dust over the green chocolate, blue on the light blue, and purple over purple.  The green chocolate was actually a lime green chocolate that just happened to be out for the summer season.  I darkened the purple chocolate, which if left alone would have looked pastel.  The light blue chocolate wasn’t altered.  Obviously, I was trying to match the colors of Chloe’s nursery.  The wings were set at angles with the help of M&M’s underneath.  From there I just piped a body down the middle, which held the wings together.  I found the fabric box you see in the background at JoAnn’s and just had to get it when I saw it matched so well with the theme.  I figured it might be a fun toy box of sorts for Chloe when she gets older (it was really a sewing box).

And then there were “real” cupcakes as a part of the tea party spread:

Boy did I have fun shopping for this set-up.  Do you know how many cute tea sets are out there?!  I bought two that I couldn’t resist, used this multi-colored one for the creation, and ended up keeping both :) .  I’m hoping to have girls of my own one day, so I figured it was an investment.  I also couldn’t resist purchasing the fabric tea cakes – SO CUTE!!  And then I stumbled upon wooden tea bags – must have.  Finally, a tea party wouldn’t be complete without some stuffed animals for company.  Mr. Teddy Bear didn’t seem to mind.

To show we were awaiting little Chloe’s arrival, I wrote her name on a small chalkboard with paint pens, hot-glued a purple silk ribbon and some fabric flowers, and hung it over the vacant chair covered in butterflies.

The small little butterflies you see are edible.  I found them on Amazon and Etsy but am drawing a blank on who makes them.  I think they were rice paper and sugar.

And finally, you can’t have a tea party without a little dress-up.  I never knew how fun tea parties could be!

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