Cupcakes By Katie


Posted by Katie Posted on Sep - 05 - 2010

This year I’ve been thinking:  what is the value of simplicity?  It’s a concept valued at my work, where we do rapid prototyping of airplanes…and space ships.  It got me thinking.  What does simplicity have to do with my employer’s success?  Prone to a melancholy personality (meaning simply I am a thinker, not that I  [ Read More ]

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Fire Truck

Posted by Katie Posted on Sep - 03 - 2010

This creation was my first opportunity to go “all out” for a birthday celebration.  Our little friend Jake from church was turning 1.  I asked his mom, my friend Sandy, if I could make his birthday cake, and she said “Of course!”  I got the napkin and decided to replicate in cupcake fashion the fire  [ Read More ]

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